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Why publish your book with MB Scholar Press (MBSPRESS)?

  Author-friendly By choosing MB Scholar Press (MBSPRESS), you get a dedicated Personal Editorial Manager (PEM) for your book. You will be updated about every stage of the book creation process. You will experience that your PEM is just beside you at every stages of book publication like review, editing, typesetting, galley proof, cover design, post-publication promotion, etc Transparency Our quotations, price of packages, etc are completely transparent. We have more than a decade publishing experience. We have almost zero financial complaints in last one decade. We strongly believe that happy customers are the true capital of any organization, not money. We may not be the biggest publisher of the world, but we are one of the few rare organizations with almost zero financial complaints. Customization At MB Scholar Press (MBSPRESS), we take every possible step to customize our services according to the need of your book. Our experienced book editors will go through your man
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MB Scholar Press, a name you can trust for Book publication.

  MB Scholar Press provides high-quality academic publishing services at an affordable price. MB Scholar Press is one of the world's fastest growing academic publishing firms, with a growing author community of over 6000+writers . Send your manuscript, then sit back and relax while the expert editorial team turns your vision into a reality. To put it more precisely, MBScholar Press is the most effective way to publish books because it blends high-quality facilities with technical innovation. When you see the members of the MB Scholar Press editorial team at your disposal, you will always feel at ease as an author. As a result, MB Scholar Press is a perfect fit for both seasoned and new writers.

Affordable and professional Book Publishing Service

  MB Scholar Press is an international publishing house that specialises in science, technological, and medical textbooks, atlases, monographs, e-books, and reference books. MB Scholar Press is a forward-thinking publisher that is advancing science. MB Scholar Press is committed to collaborating with the global academic community to disseminate the best scholarly studies. MB Scholar Press is able to concentrate on serving writers while maintaining rigorous publishing standards and editorial integrity with the aid of academic Editors located in institutions all over the world. The multiple author testimonials attest to MB Scholar Press's commitment to providing the highest degree of customer satisfaction. More than 6800 writers from 72 countries have already published books or book chapters with MB ScholarPress , and the number is growing by the month. Services: 1. Professional review, editing and plagiarism checking. 2. Professional cover-page design and typesetting. 3. Spe
 Welcome to MB Scholar Press MB Scholar Press is an international publishing organization that publishes textbooks, atlases, monographs, e-books , reference books in scientific, technical, and medical areas. As an innovative publisher, MB Scholar Press is helping to move science forward. MB Scholar Press is passionate about working with the global academic community to promote best scholarly research to the world. With the help of academic Editors, based in institutions around the globe, MB Scholar Press is able to focus on serving authors while preserving robust publishing standards and editorial integrity.